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Based in Witney, Oxfordshire, AOG Inspection Ltd provide specialised Non-Destructive Testing services for Aviation. Our inspectors have extensive experience in aviation NDT and consultancy, working with various companies and different sized aircraft.

The origins of AOG Inspection trace back to 1992 when the owner and a colleague founded the NDT company 'NDIS Limited' in Witney, Oxfordshire. The company quickly gained CAA and FAA approvals and acquired 'Quest Inspection' NDT services at Luton Airport. The business provided a well-respected service to airline operators and maintenance organisations until it was sold to Material Measurements Limited of Surrey in 2002.

The owner continued in a senior management position with the new owners until 2013 when he decided to set up an independent NDT Level 3 consultancy service. As a result, 'Non Destructive Testing Level 3 Services Limited' was established. In 2015 the company was renamed AOG Inspection Limited as part of an initiative to develop an on-wing care NDT service based in the Oxfordshire area.

As Director, Ted Bugler has accrued 28 years knowledge as a Level 3 consultant, acting for airlines as well as large and small maintenance organisations. His previous experience with the Royal Air Force NDT establishment gives him 37 years’ experience in the Non-Destructive Testing industry.

As Director and Level 2 inspector, Dave Wingate has gained extensive experience in Aerospace NDT, from large airlines to medium corporate jets, historic collections and small privately owned aircraft. From an Army Aviation background and subsequently employed directly by Ted Bugler since 1997, he has gained 29 years of NDT experience.

Level 2 inspectors are qualified in accordance with the employer-based BS EN 4179 – Qualification and Approval of Personnel for Non-Destructive Testing.

Ultrasonic Inspection

Specialised services include:

  • IAE V2500 Engine SB 638 (stage 3-8 drum inspection)
  • Continental Motors crankshaft inspection
  • B737 MLG Beam & Flap Spindle inspection
  • Bonded structure, bond integrity testing
  • Remaining material thickness measurement – post corrosion removal/blending
  • Bell 212 Blade Grip Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Bulldog wing main spar joint
  • Piper wing lift struts.
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Radiographic Inspection

Extensive experience of the following:

  • Chipmunk undercarriage castings/tailplane struts & tailplane
  • Airbus A320 wing lower skin radiographic inspections
  • Classic & vintage aircraft airworthiness surveys, including De Havilland Series
  • Ex-military such as Avro Lancaster, Spitfire, Canberra, Catalina.
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Eddy Current Inspection

  • Probably the most widely applied of all NDT methods on aircraft structures and components
  • Surface and sub-surface inspection of aluminum, ferrous, stainless steels and titanium components/structures for cracks and/or corrosion
  • Rotating probe open hole inspection
  • Conductivity testing
  • Piper PA28 Wing Spar to AD2018-1046 (proposed)
  • YAK 600Hr life extension programme.
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Magnetic Particle Inspection

Typical inspections include:

  • Helicopter & Aircraft wheel bolts
  • Fuselage-wing attachments bracketry for YAK aircraft
  • Engine crankshafts
  • Schweizer drive shaft as per 269C ASB B-307
  • Chipmunk engine frames TNS190
  • Engine mounts, wing fittings/bolts etc.
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Penetrant Inspection

Typical fluorescent inspections include:

  • Confirmation of corrosion and cracking pre & post blending on fuselage/wing skin
  • ‘Spot’ FPI to blended areas of turbofan engine blades
  • Steel engine mounting frame welded clusters
  • Surface inspection of steels and alloys, components and structures
  • In-house inspection of engine overhaul components.
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Working in alliance with our European partner, QualiTest NDT – QualiTest is a Swiss based NDT organisation specialising in the Aerospace and manufacturing sectors.